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Why We Are in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

Here is What Our Members Say!

Commander Ken Aronson: I wanted to improve my flying/aviation abilities.  Flying with CAP allows me to see and work with other experienced pilots which has been most helpful as I further my aviation career.  I am also able to use my organizing skills to help run the squadron.  I am also able to develop innovative ideas/programs that help our community at large.

Tony Sorce, IT: I joined to volunteer and fly, and support the mission of CAP.  I just finished my transport pilot training in our new Cessna Turbo 206, and I am looking forward to eventually flying missions.

Cadet Captain Gerald W.:  I joined CAP because I hoped to become a military aviator … the program has been incredibly meaningful to me because it has helped shape me as a leader and as a young man, and I largely charge it as responsible for the relative discipline and success I enjoy today.

Michael Kennedy, Public Affairs:  I enjoy belonging to a team that puts community first. The Civil Air Patrol is a volunteer organization dedicated to providing emergency response and youth development.

Rolann Aronson Aerospace Education:  My professional background includes 20 years teaching elementary age children about challenging subjects such as aerospace which helped us create the Mission to Mars Space Camp.

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For more information contact Dan Beadle, Recruiting officer. 775-544-616 Dan.Beadle@nvwgcap.org

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