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I apologize for getting this out late.

On November 28 Capt Beadle took his check ride to become a Mission Pilot Check Airman.  He was appointed this morning, making him one of only two CAP pilots in Northern Nevada who are authorized to administer annually required check rides to Mission Pilots.

On Thursday, November 29 we conducted the SAREX that was originally scheduled for November 18Maj Mike Cleveland came up from Reno to act as IC and SET trainer. He's been spending a lot of time up here lately and we appreciate his willingness to help us get members qualified in various Emergency Services (ES) roles.

The following members received experience credits toward ES qualifications:

SM Robert Eyre, Mission Radio Operator (MRO).  He's now fully qualified.
Lt Col Pat McDonough, Mission Scanner (MS) renewal
SM Jack Ellis, Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD)

SM Ryan Schumacher got an introduction to the Mission Staff Assistant and Mission Radio Operator qualifications.

SM Maggie Schumacher had her first flight as an air crew member making all of the radio calls from the aircraft to the Mission Base.

Capt Bob Auguste had his first flight in a CAP aircraft in many years as a passenger.

SMs Eyre and Ellis polished their SAR flying skills for upcoming Form 91 check rides.

We will hold another Squadron Open House on December 5 at 6:30 PM.  Capt Beadle will talk about tentative plans for drone and rocketry activities in the new year that are open to cadets and senior members.  Parents are welcome to attend to find out more about what we do and to get their questions answered.  It's also a good time to ask questions that don't get addressed during squadron meetings due to time constraints.   Meet at the Red Truck Cafe no later than 6:30 pm.  

On Sunday, December 10 we plan to conduct another SAREX.  We hope to fly at least one air sortie, weather and air crew interest permitting, and include ground and Mission Base activities.  Cadets and senior members are encouraged to participate.  If you have questions about how you can participate and what you need to prepare ahead of time, come to the Open House on December 5th to get them answered.  Contact SM Jack Ellis (Jack.Ellis@nvwgcap.org) if you're interested in participating.

Our annual Christmas Party is December 14 at 6 PM.  Former Nevada Wing Commander Lt Col Deborah Pierce will present C/Lt Col Gerald Mon Pere with the prestigious Spaatz Award.  Family members are welcome and there is no cost to attend.  Please RSVP to SM Maggie Schumacher (Maggie.Schumacher@nvwgcap.org). 

We have made a number of improvements to the squadron web site.  The Calendar includes cadet meeting dates, senior member meeting dates, and squadron events, including those we're aware of that are hosted by other squadrons.  This list of announcements will also be posted under Events->Squadron Events.    


Come Fly with Us
Cadet Orientation Flights:

CAP gives cadets the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight. Orientation flights are among the most exciting aspects of cadet life.  Cadet orientation flights are safe, fun, and educational; our squadron pilots provide your cadet with hands-on flying experience.

Learn more about Cadet Orientation Flight

Cadets interested in scheduling an Orientation Flight should contact SM Jack Ellis @ jack.ellis@nvwgcap.org.  


Time in the sky:

Cadets can ride in the back of the squadron's airplane when the air crews are conducting certain proficiency sorties. Please note that you may only have two or three days’ notice.  Cadets interested in being contacted for these opportunities should contact SM Jack Ellis @ jack.ellis@nvwgcap.org.  



Help us train to save lives!


Did you know that the Civil Air Patrol conducts 90% of inland search and rescue in the U.S., as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center and other agencies? Cadets have numerous opportunities to work toward emergency services qualifications.  The skills gained for these qualifications will provide excellent experiences and shape futures.


Emergency Services Qualifications:

Cadets have numerous opportunities to work toward emergency services qualifications.  The skills gained for these qualifications will provide excellent experiences and help shape futures.

Cadets who obtain an emergency services qualification (Mission Radio Operator - MRO, Mission Staff Assistant - MSA, or Ground Team 3 (GTM3) - will be placed on the wing's Emergency Services call list. We will conduct a briefing that includes affected cadets and parents as qualifications are completed.  If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please contact SM Jack Ellis (Jack.ellis@nvwgcap.org).




Get ready to lead! Assistant Communications Officer – Cadet position


Seeking cadets interested in a leadership opportunity.   The squadron will communicate this duty position at the Open House on December 5th.   Contact SM Jack Ellis @ jack.ellis@nvwgcap.org or Maggie.schumacher@nvwgcap.org


Reminder & Rule of 3…

It is important for all cadets to check their email daily.  Cadets should respond to opportunities with availability (Yes or No).  Remember the rule of 3…be sure include a parent or an additional senior member.

Thank you for your service and support of the Civil Air Patrol!

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